How to pursue girls scientifically?

How to pursue girls scientifically?

Male students quickly collect; female students quickly forward.

how on earth should I pursue girls?

Please don't be creepy

I think the most annoying thing for girls is probably the naughty boys. The problem with creepy boys is that they like malicious speculation, selfishness, and lack of sincerity. So, if you want to pursue a girl, first turn yourself into a well-intentioned and sincere boy.

money is not the most important

A lot of boys who can't catch up with girls will think, "who makes me rich and handsome" and "who makes me have no money". And I think it's kind of disrespectful to girls. I believe that most girls' emotional needs, or hope to find a reliable, trustworthy, can understand their boys. If you complain that girls are too realistic, you might as well see if you are good enough in other areas. If you are poor, boring, selfish, and uncaring, the girl will of course question "Why am I dating this guy?" Things like money will naturally accumulate with age and hard work. The most important thing for young boys is to be funny, responsible and respect the feelings of girls and others. If you have money, you can eat Japanese food, and if you have no money, you can buy an oven to cook meat at home. In short, as long as you work hard and work hard, life will not be too bad.

clean yourself up first

I believe that many people have been taught that "you are not allowed to dress up" and "you are not allowed to dress up, it is meaningless to dress up." The pursuit of beauty and refinement is a very positive attitude towards life, but it is constantly suppressed. Losers think that dressing up is not important, only to find that this is a world of appearance associations. If nothing else, I believe that most people go to the supermarket to buy things, and people are more likely to be attracted by good-looking packaging, right? I believe that most people do not require the other party to be Takeshi Kaneshiro or Lin Chi-ling but to dress up neatly and appropriately. Of course, some people will say, "what is the use of being ugly and good-looking?" this question is like what is the use of reading? I am not Sheldon; what is the use of sports? I am not Liu Xiang. Because their congenital conditions are not good, they began to give up, how much hatred do you have for yourself?

chasing girls doesn't make you crazy

Don't be overenthusiastic! Get down on your knees and lick! I think whether girls or boys, the pursuit of the opposite sex should not be too hard, it will scare each other. The pursuit of the opposite sex can be imagined as a "market behavior". If a brand wants to sell something to consumers, it must first make a good product with 100% sincerity and then consider doing some advertising, PR activities, and so on to stimulate consumers' desire to buy. Pursuing the opposite sex is the same. You should also make the other person feel that you are a good person, instead of trying to sell "Buy me" like a hairdresser. Buy me! " Oh, no wonder the other party is scared to death by you. For example, if the other person's moments say you are sick, you can take her to see a doctor if you are close. If you go out with the other person, take more pictures of the other person (as long as your photography skills are not exasperating). But there is no need to stand downstairs every day on Sing or anything like that, let alone send text messages and make crazy phone calls. Here is a special reminder that girls should also pay attention to fanatical suitors. They come quickly on the one hand and go quickly on the other.

! We're dating!

I often hear that there is a boy who has been secretly in love with each other for hundreds of years, only to find out one day that this girl is married and that her child has become a bystander. I have a crush on you! If you are too embarrassed to ask directly, you can first ask her Weibo and Wechat, or ask about her preferences in preparation for a date. I think that on the first date, try not to eat hot pot, barbecue and so on, not to mention that it is easy to eat ferocious, after coming out, the whole body smells and ruins the atmosphere. The budget for the first date can be around 500, 200 to eat, and the rest to watch a movie or buy a dessert or something.

Don't talk so hard about weird questions like "how good I am" and "how many boyfriends you've dated before." the most important thing on a date is to make the other person think you're like her. For example, if the other person likes movies, let's talk more about stars, movies, and so on, and by the way, we can talk about music, art, and so on. If the other person likes to eat, then you can talk about recipes and so on. If the conversation goes smoothly, we can also talk about each other's values, growth experiences, and views on the future. You can also date to determine if the other person is the person you want. The so-called dating, conversation skills, is to set off a comfortable atmosphere so that each other can speak freely.

after dinner, you can watch a movie together if the other person wants, or go to the dessert shop for a cake or something. After the activity, whether by subway or by taxi, it is best to send the girls downstairs.


A lot of boys ask if they want to give gifts? I think it can be given away. But in the early stage, there is no need to eat pickles to send gifts, if girls' birthdays, festivals and so on, you can give each other a more desirable gift. I don't think gifts need to be too expensive, and it would be more reasonable to account for about 1x5 of personal income. When you give a gift, you must give it to yourself and others to be happy, otherwise, if you don't want to give it, others will see it sooner or later, you might as well not give it at all.

about confession

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when confessing, try to choose a quiet occasion and speak your heart to the other person. Don't think about any fancy words, if you like each other and are willing to share something with them in the future, it is the best choice, to be honest with them about how you feel. If the confession is successful, you can happily have a bottle of champagne or go to see a midnight movie. If the confession fails, don't get angry too quickly. Instead, you can ask what the other person thinks. Listen. The other side's opinion. There is no need to feel embarrassed, after all, you have tried your best, and you have made great efforts to improve yourself in the process. In the days to come, we can get along with each other as friends. Now that the other party has rejected you, I think you should stop pursuing each other, which can be regarded as respect for yourself and others.