What do I listen to when I run?

What do I listen to when I run?

Listen to music as you like, and it is the king to be able to keep running.

I started running in February this year.

I ran 5 kilometers with the group for the first time. At that time, the weather was still a little cold. I came here foolishly wearing a thick sweater. My shoes were also ordinary sneakers. I was very tired after running for 5 kilometers. But I was so proud that I didn't fall behind and didn't give up. At that time, I didn't know how to pace. I didn't know anything. I only knew that I had to run that kilometer. At that time, I thought it was very good to finish five kilometers.

in this way, I, who had never exercised before, was determined to run seriously since that time. The most important thing is to taste the sweetness. After all, I was tortured by dysmenorrhea every month and I had to ask for leave to stay in bed one day every month. I was miraculously cured. Anyway, I haven't had any more dysmenorrhea since February.

in the past 1.

there is no need to say much about the benefits of running. In fact, we didn't pay much attention to the methodology. We just chose the right equipment to keep running. The goal this year is to complete the first half marathon, and to lengthen the distance in a planned way every day, so that you can get used to it and improve your physical fitness and speed little by little.

having said so much, in fact, I have always felt that apart from the belief that supports me to run every distance, the most important thing is to choose the right song.

the so-called song selection is not left behind. The rhythm and feeling of the music can not only make you have more divergent thinking when you run, help you divert your attention, and you won't always feel so tired. And it will arouse your mood, as if you are getting high with the rhythm.

in the past 2

different songs are also suitable for different nodes of long-distance running.

for the first three kilometers, the speed is generally slow, in order to let the body begin to heat up and enter an ideal running state.

1, Beyonce--Formation

the most important thing to miss this year is naturally the new specialty "Lemonade" of the B Shinto Bureau! With the prelude to "formation", I feel that I immediately have a sense of self-superiority, no matter the rhythm or melody is very domineering, as a running march is really very powerful, cool crazy drag to run!

2, Fall out boy--My songs know what you did in the dark

this song is burning, it is exciting! There is a feeling that there are enemies in front of us and that we must kill the past in the face of death.

3, Lin Junjie-- the killer

likes the accompaniment beat very much, which is very suitable for the pace of running. And when you listen to this song, you will be more calm, and you can concentrate on your footsteps.

after 3

three kilometers in the past, the state will be much more comfortable at this time, and the speed can be increased according to the acceptability of your body at the beginning of 3-7 kilometers.

1, Egg Castle-- A favorite song about Little Bear

. Rap is a story, listening to a sense of law, may be thinking of themselves. "about you, about me, about staying, about leaving, about whether you like it or not." The rhythm is very good, the background accompaniment when entering the chorus "about" is very good, can follow to quicken the pace.

2, Iggy Azalea--Team

the song sounds like a hot spot, beckoning everyone to get high, the protagonist enters the stage, please wait and see. The song has a strong sense of rhythm, which is conducive to speed up, and the more you run, the more confident you are!

3, 3OHANGKEHAHAUMY first kiss

Qian Po's previous series are all excellent. Although most of the lyrics are simple and rude, it is the most enjoyable as a rhythm control. This song is perfect for speeding up, and you can control the frequency of your steps according to the pace.

in the past 4

starting from 8 kilometers, the physical strength will reach a point of fatigue, and it is most likely to be discouraged. In fact, as long as you stick to it, you can run more and more smoothly, and the key is not to give up. At this time, the songs played in the headphones are very important.

1, Full out boy--Just one yesterday

physical strength reaches a point, belief is pulled by demons and angels on both sides, so at this time I only have to be cool, as long as I work hard, I can grit my teeth and keep going. In fact, full out boy this "Save Rock & amp; Roll", the first capital is very popular and suitable for cheering up.

2, Ariana Grande--Touch it

this song is simply a divine song that hits 10 kilometers, and it is also my favorite song in A Mei's new college this year. The chorus is like a light, which can push you to run step by step. At this time, the roadside scenery, whether street lights, pedestrians, or flowers and grass, are gradually blurred, you can only clear the way forward, the heart will be more clear about the goal, adhere to the end.

3, excuse me Orchestra-prophecy

speaking of this song, I was fascinated by it only recently. I listened to it several times. Maybe the chorus is very suitable for my mood, so it's like suffering from a kind of venting, running faster and faster, which is very suitable for breaking my own record. Of course, the song itself is very positive!

after 5

ten kilometers, it is basically a test of endurance and physical fitness. Put it next.The last few songs I usually listen to in the last three kilometers.

1, Briney Spears--I Love Rock'N'Roll

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Sweets' song, I really won't change this song even though I've changed the running playlist several times! Although the style of the original singer is more rock and roll, I love Britney Spears this version. It works all the time. The more I run, the more I feel that my steps are very rhythmic. Instead, I run out of fun. You will find that your state is suddenly so good!

2, Alan Walker--Fade

many runners will recommend it, it is really easy to use, but be sure to listen to the pure music, there is no human voice, it feels that the human voice will destroy the song. It doesn't taste right at all.

3, Ariana Grande--Into you

A song that is very bearable, I usually cycle twice to keep running, and the best part is especially powerful. There is a boost that makes you quicken your pace before you know it.

4, Lady gaga/R.kelly--Do what u want

I have no words for my favorite songs. Perfect, I can always run an extra kilometer by listening to this song. The R.kelly part really adds points to this song. I never get tired of listening to it.

in the past 6

listening to my favorite songs, running to my own rhythm, Filter to get rid of daily troubles, I like this state.

listen to music as you please, and being able to keep running is the king's way.

say refueling to yourself, but also to those who like music and running, and you who see me reading this article say, come on!