You are what kind of fruit you like!

You are what kind of fruit you like!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there are thousands of kinds of fruits in the world, but they are the ones we often eat and love.

what fruit you like often indicates who you are.

Let's test it. What are you like?

Note: choose your favorite fruit that comes to mind in the first place. If you don't have one of the following categories that you like best, you can also choose the one you like relatively.



Summer is coming, and the round watermelon is a favorite of many people.

you who like to eat watermelons have the same personality as watermelons, honest and sincere, simple-minded, and kind to others.

you seldom get angry, and you are praised for your good temper.

you are very popular, and everyone likes to be friends with you, because you are cheerful and kind, and you don't have any airs. You like to value harmony, love harmony, reject conflicts, and are a good old man.

in life, you are more freewheeling and sometimes a little lazy. You can lie down and never sit, and you can sit and never stand.

you also like to eat all kinds of food, but the amount of exercise is pitiful, so many times you say you want to lose weight, but in the end, you still don't lose a kilo.



Red cherry, a small, sour, and sweet cherry, many people fall in love with its appearance, but also fall in love with its taste.

you, who like to eat cherries, are handsome and handsome, so many people should praise your appearance.

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your aesthetic ability is very high, and you pay great attention to the external image, even if you go out to take out the trash, you should clean up a little.

compared to a lively environment, you prefer to be alone and often read alone and reflect on yourself. It's just that sometimes you think too much, you do too little, and you're a little idealistic.

at work, you are rational, efficient, and have good abilities. In the relationship, you are not too clingy, you prefer that two people can have independent time and do not disturb each other.



the big durian, some people love it madly, some people avoid it, and the polarization is very serious.

you, who like to eat durian, have a pair of sharp eyes to see through the phenomenon, so you are very smart.

you have a rich inner world, you are very thorough in seeing people and things, and your EQ is not low. Most of the time, you are used to seeing through without telling, because you don't want to hurt anyone.

you only take off your armor in front of people close to you, even if your heart is always soft, but you prefer to be aloof and unapproachable to protect yourself.

you are still a little cute. In front of outsiders, you are arrogant and indifferent. Poor words, in front of acquaintances, gentle and kind, but also a little talkative.



kiwifruit, which is ugly and inconspicuous, has a very high vitamin c content.

you who like eating kiwifruit are calm and rational, have a sense of purpose in your work, and can do your best to achieve your work goals. As a result, your promotion rate is much faster than the average person.

however, most of your life is surrounded by work, and whenever you are free, you don't know what to do.

in your life, you have more persistence and persistence, objectivity and rationality, but fewer fireworks and freshness.

maybe you can try to develop more of your hobbies, such as baking, dancing, painting and so on.



"yellow inside and outside" mango is a famous tropical fruit with sweet flesh.

you, who like to eat mangoes, are optimistic by nature, cheerful and humorous, freedom-loving and adventurous.

many times, you are like a little sun, always full of positive energy. Everyone likes to be close to you because your smile is always so bright and likable.

whenever life gives you a big somersault, you won't be stuck in depression and remorse for a long time, because you know that a bad mood won't make a difference in your life, so you might as well pick yourself up and start over.

you always live with relish, which is the most enviable thing about you.



Apple is available all year round and has been popular for decades.

you, who likes eating apples, are a down-to-earth person. If you are asked for help, you will do it well if you say yes. If you take over the work assigned to you, you will certainly finish it.

in life, you can always make ordinary monotonous days interesting. Some people live more and more boring, but for you, life itself is very interesting.

you are honest and generally don't have big conflicts with others. But you always have a bottom line and principles. If someone offends you, you will give him some color to see.



orange taste, smell fresh, taste sweet, orange appearance, slices look good, even if they are not sliced.

you who like to eat oranges are a person full of energy. No matter what happens, you can be strong enough to carry it all.

In life, you have some small habits of cleanliness. You have to clean the house every day. You like a clean and clean environment best.

at work, you like to pursue perfection, do things patiently, have strong willpower, and always exceed your goals in a leisurely manner.

however, in love, you are a little silly and sweet. Even if your brain analyzes your strengths and weaknesses, you always hide some shyness and timidity in actual action. Maybe there will be more surprises if you are brave.



grapes are eaten directly, sweet and delicious, making wine, sweet and mellow.

you, who likes to eat grapes, are a knowledgeable person. You like to travel and make friends. Every once in a while, friends will say that you have become better again.

your temperament is elegant and unique, with a hint of mystery. Many people admire you because you are always on your way to becoming a better person.

you can communicate with many people easily, not flattering at the top, not belittling at the bottom, and always comfortable getting along with you.

others think you understand them enough and get closer to you. However, for you, there are very few people who want to talk to each other, so you often feel lonely.