Dispelling acne is neither so difficult nor so simple. A little life experience is dedicated to you.

Dispelling acne is neither so difficult nor so simple. A little life experience is dedicated to you.

Click on the top to follow [Douban things] Wechat's article comes from Douban netizen Meng Han Shixiong's diary, "eliminating acne is not so difficult and not so simple, a little experience of life."

five key points of this article:

1. Why do you have to go to the hospital for acne? Who must go to the hospital with acne?

2, adult acne grows repeatedly, what problems must be corrected in life?

3. Summary of my skincare products and skincare experience during the acne period.

4. Different groups of people can match the skincare process according to their own needs.

5, acne classification and additional knowledge.

the title is very similar to WeChat businessman, of course, I am not a WeChat businessman. I hope this diary will give some help to friends in need.

Last week, my friend broadcast a broadcast saying that Otili had a good anti-oxidant essence to dispel acne. I posted another acne print and a broadcast related to acne and reaped a lot of lost lambs in the responses of the three broadcasts. As we all know (no one knows not to use this word again! From September last year to March this year, all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, I went to the hospital, tested hormones, applied for western medicine, drank traditional Chinese medicine, and adjusted my life, diet, edges, and corners. Finally, I took care of my face on my own. Although I have thanked you in many places, I would like to say again: thank you in person! Xiao Zhang!

all right, don't hit me, let's start the text.

the five dividing lines in this article represent five key points respectively:

[1] Why do you have to go to the hospital for acne? Who must go to the hospital with acne?

[2] Adult acne grows repeatedly. What problems must be corrected in life?

[3], my skincare products and skincare experience in acne period (longer).

[4], different groups of people can be matched according to their own needs of the skincare process summary.

[5], it is best to take a look at the acne classification and additional knowledge.

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[1] Why do you have to go to the hospital for acne? Who must go to the hospital with acne?


first of all, acne must, must, must first consider going to the hospital-

adults who have passed puberty develop acne for a long time and repeatedly. People feel their conscience and ask themselves, have you ever been to the hospital for an examination? Did you go to the hospital to test for hormones?

No? OK, let's go to the hospital first. Please choose regular, public, and top three hospitals.

if women grow acne and gradually have symptoms such as sparse menstruation, lack of menstruation, weight gain, thickened waistline, or even hirsutism and hair loss, what are you waiting for?! Will you turn off the computer and go to the hospital now?! B ultrasound and hormone check-up! Don't read any acne skincare experience on the Internet! Skincare people can not save endocrine diseases ah!

from the point of view of western medicine, acne is mainly caused by excessive sebum secretion (mainly related to androgens), excessive keratosis of sebaceous ducts, and microorganisms in hair follicles (so see a doctor). And it's not necessarily acne, it could be rosacea, folliculitis, and other skin rashes. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, acne may be related to factors or conditions such as blood-heat, damp-heat, wind-heat, blood stasis, Chong-Ren imbalance, and so on.

Western medicine in the treatment of acne, external drugs generally include Daphne, tretinoin ointment, isotretinoin ointment, Baiduobang, etc., while internal drugs include antibiotics, isotretinoin capsules, proprietary Chinese medicines for clearing away heat and cooling blood, etc., according to the needs of different types of acne, different groups of people (such as whether there is a need for pregnancy), and so on, doctors will give medicine at their discretion, and there are many points for attention during use. Human beings should not underestimate the side effects of drugs, okay? Make sure you don't misuse it by yourself. it's risky to misuse drugs.

TCM treatment of acne is too complicated. there are several syndromes, such as damp-heat of spleen and stomach, wind-heat of lung meridian, liver depression and qi stagnation, blood stasis and phlegm, and so on. In any case, traditional Chinese medicine is empirical medicine, the more experienced, the more experts who have seen patients, the better the treatment effect. You can find some good experts in traditional Chinese medicine, but experienced, careful traditional Chinese medicine is really difficult to find. The weekly price of traditional Chinese medicine treatment may be more than 100-300 yuan. I have never encountered cheaper ones, while those that are too expensive are not necessarily reliable, especially those experts who prescribe dozens of medicines at a time and spend thousands of yuan a week. Some acne needs to use insect drugs, insect drugs are more expensive, I have no idea how much. Anyway, if you look at traditional Chinese medicine, you should seek your blessings. It is needless to say that the effect is better. Meeting a quack is a waste of money (I only know Chen Tongyun, a well-known dermatologist of traditional Chinese medicine in China).

however, whether it is western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine, the speed of treating acne is not fast. We have to treat acne for at least a month to see if it is effective. It may take three months to half a year to achieve a "cure". And if you don't pay attention to it, you will have a relapse at any time. Professor Zhu Xuejun has said: treatment (acne) is a protracted war.

the above medical parts, laymen casually talk about it and please correct your mistakes.

[2] Adult acne grows repeatedly. What problems must be corrected in life?

secondly, while starting treatment and starting accurate skincare, it is strongly recommended that you do the following--

[1], do not drink milk, yogurt, dairy products; Please feel free to search in pairs of Baidu: milk, food that promotes insulin secretion, and acne. These three keywords will open the door to a new world for you. Milk should also contain high levels of hormones, and it will be easier for the body to synthesize androgens after absorption. The yogurt I do not know whether to promote insulin secretion of food, but the yogurt bought outside is generally high in sugar, just to be careful, quit first. All in all, "people who take dairy products for a long time are more likely to"easy to grow acne" is not my nonsense. However, Professor Zhu Xuejun also said that eating habits vary from place to place, such as milk, which is high in nutrients, and it is not worth the loss to strictly avoid certain foods to treat acne. Therefore, it is up to you to avoid food or not.

[2], abstain from sugar, including sweets such as cakes, as well as foods and fruits with high sugar content, such as yogurt, drinks, dates, grapes, and so on; sugar is a great cause of acne. I guess many people don't know. I was crazy about acne. I was so naive at that time that I thought I got pimples after eating sugar-fried chestnuts. I don't know how many detours. Even from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, "getting angry" is not the main cause of acne. But the fruit has many benefits, and it doesn't make sense not to eat it at all, so try to control your intake.

[3], avoid spicy, irritating, greasy, over-salty food; Western medicine is also recommended, because it will change the composition of facial fat and increase sebum secretion, resulting in keratosis of hair follicles ducts. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, these foods tend to aggravate the dampness and heat of the spleen and stomach. And too salty things to eat too much, it is easy to lead to dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, drink and drink.

[4], go to bed early and get up early, don't stay up late; go to bed too late, emotional ups and downs, and increased stress are all causes of acne. In my opinion, falling asleep after 10:30 at night is already late. Be careful not to delude yourself that you can fall asleep before 11:00 or 12:00. Just go to sleep before 10:30 first. You must be asleep by 11:00 at the latest. Be careful! It's "fall asleep"!

[5], do not wear makeup; please try to suspend the use of all kinds of base makeup, such as BB cream, pressed powder, isolation, etc., or pat your chest to make sure you can remove 100% of your makeup. If you've been turned into sensitive muscles, don't wear makeup anymore.

[6], adhere to sunscreen; adhere to colorless, clean water can rinse clean sunscreen, acne skin is very afraid of the sun.

if there are any mistakes in the above part, please point them out and reply if you have anything to add.

[3], my skincare products and skincare experience in acne period (longer).

all right, let's start talking happily about skincare.

to sum up, these are my only five skincare principles: clean enough, safely use mild acid acne products, moisturizing, repair in place, and sunscreen in place.?. And the skincare products I match to my acne colleagues also follow these five principles.

I am dry skin. My steps at night are different from those during acne treatment. Let's talk about the steps in the previous acne period.

Night: facial cleansing-local thick application of fruit acid gel AHA15 + spray Dafa-anti-acne essence of Lifuquan-Daike white sandalwood milk-Daike white sandalwood water-night cream.

during the day: clear water cleansing-skin spring anti-acne essence-Daike white sandalwood milk-Daike white sandalwood water-sun cream-sunscreen.

then I give my post-90s oilpox colleagues the skincare steps, which are divided into two stages.

first stage

Night: cleansing-fruit acid gel AHA15 local thick application + 15-minute spray Dafa-skin spring DUO+ wipe the whole face-apply a thin layer of skin spring repair lotion.

during the day: wash your face with warm water-DUO+ rub your whole face in Liquan-Sofia lace white bottle sunscreen.

second stage

Night: cleansing-Daike avocado lotion-Deke perilla water-DUO+ wipe the whole face-apply a thin layer of repair lotion at the end of Liquan H.

during the day: wash your face with warm water-DUO+ rub your whole face in Liquan-Sofia lace white bottle sunscreen.

the following is explained one by one according to my morning and evening steps.

[1], clean enough.

is the step of cleansing. Needless to say, just wash your face.

in order not to make excess facial fat and external pollutants (air pollutants, sunscreen on the face, cosmetics, etc.) worse, you must wash your face clean. As for the choice of products, I think choosing an easy-to-use amino acid cleansing is a prerequisite for laying a solid foundation for good skin.

[product]: the facial cleanser I use now is Daike exquisite, and my colleague uses Furifang silk. All in all, these two amino acids have a great sense of use and cleanliness. Especially Fu Li Fang Si cleansing, the formula is reassuring, the price is satisfactory, it is impeccable. Of course, there are many cleansing options for acne muscle, and cleansing for most cosmetic brands can be selected.

[usage]: after the facial cleanser is emulsified in the palm, gently rub the whole face (except around the eyes) for 1-2 minutes, rinse the face thoroughly with warm water, and then gently press and absorb the water on the face with a clean towel. Extra attention should be paid not to excessive cleaning, especially sensitive muscles, it is best to reduce the frequency of kneading and washing, and the water temperature should not be too high.

some people are also prone to acne (folliculitis). My colleague said that sulfur soap works well. I don't recommend anything in this respect. You can use whatever you like.

[2], use mild acid acne products safely.

when I first entered the makeup pit several years ago, I saw that many people recommended acne brushing acid, and fruit acid treatment was one of the treatments for intractable acne recommended by some dermatologists (I had the most closed acne at that time). Because fruit acid can dissolve cutin suppository, promote the shedding of the aging cuticle, inhibit acne bacilli, antioxidant, and moisturize, it is widely used in skin cosmetology.

[product]: as a person, I have always been as timid as a mouse, so I have never considered brushing any strong medicine. I only chose the product of Liquan, which is more prominent in anti-acne in the cosmetic industry, because it …. Gentle. The only one I've ever used. The product that can be regarded as a "strong medicine" is neostrata, which is said later. In addition, Shiseido DQ also has an acne line, I have not used difficult to say, word-of-mouth seems to be good.

for the anti-acne essence of the three major signs of Rifuquan, K+, DUO+, and AI (K+ is the upgraded version of the previous K milk, DUO+ is the upgraded version of the previous DUO), among them, K+ is for closed acne, DUO+ is effective for acne, inflammatory pimples and other types of acne, DUO+ is also effective for acne imprinting, moisturizing is also good, while AI is specifically for inflammatory acne.

closed acne, commonly known as closed acne, is acne that does not come out, which is acne with small particles of skin color. Inflammatory pimples are large acne that is red, purulent, and has begun to feel pain. Of course, there are cysts, nodules, and other things in the acne world, which is already considered severe acne. Please don't read this diary and ask for leave to go to the hospital immediately.

I haven't studied what acid these three products contain (it should be salicylic acid). Anyway, after insisting on using them for some time, it worked on me, on my colleagues, and some of my neighbors.

and neostrata (Core Cui) is a product recommended by the hospital skin cosmetology department. I have only bought their fruit acid gel AHA15 (not pure fruit acid), which is used to treat the closure of the forehead, and the effect is first-class. This brand is recommended by Dr. Li Yuanhong for the first time. Taobao small sample is very easy to buy and very cheap, and a small sample is very durable, you can have a try.

[usage]: after cleansing, the first step is to apply neostrata's fruit acid gel AHA15, to the forehead and facial acne for ten minutes, during which time does the spray method (described in detail later), then wipe the face with cotton tablets to wipe the fruit acid gel AHA15, spray and pat it, and then use K+, DUO+ or AI, according to the type of acne before normal skincare. If there is a bigger pimple with serious inflammation, I will squeeze it clean, and after normal skincare and good cream, apply a thick layer of AI on the squeezed acne for the night (please don't squeeze the pimples in the dangerous triangle).

remember, moisturizing, repairing, and sunscreen must be done to use these products, otherwise, don't blame me for exploding skin and acne.

[add]: there are also many friends on the Internet who say that acne is more likely to break out with Lifuquan. I checked that the high frequency of acid products may lead to degeneration of the mouth of hair follicles and clog pores more easily, so it may cause acne. And Dr. Li Yuanhong said that this is related to the timing of brushing acid, if there are more inflammatory acne or like blind JB to do needle cleaning, brushing acid is prone to acne. But Rifuquan has always been publicized not to cause acne, and the ingredients are mild, so that there will not be such a strong reaction, ah, for example, my colleagues and I all grow in a mixture of shut-up and inflammatory pimples, and there is no acne, which may have something to do with everyone's skin quality.

anyway, "acne" does not mean that the skin is "detoxifying". If you use a product "acne", stop using it as soon as possible.

[3], moisturizing is done. The repair is in place.

moisturizing and repair are put together.

I don't know why many friends think that all they need is essence and toner, or even a little bit of bottom lotion to make them feel invincible. Essence and toner can indeed replenish water, it is possible that they also add some moisturizing ingredients, but certainly can not do a good job of moisturizing, even a special moisturizing essence will not do a better job than a bottle of moisturizing cream (in most cases). You must wear a coat when you wear underwear, so why don't you use an extra layer of lotion or cream for skincare?

besides, the use of acid products, or the use of skin spring K+, DUO+, itself should cooperate with moisturizing and repair, not just because DUO+ moisturizing is good, do not use facial cream. My colleague has oil pimples. When I match her with skincare products, I must ask her to add the last step of cosmetic brand moisturizing lotion (the moisturizing lotion she bought). Even if she thinks that a thin layer of lotion is oil, it is still indispensable, because the skin is healthy. This is the premise of correct skincare.

[products]: there are only two kinds of water I use during anti-acne, one is a cosmetic spray, which is used for spray, which has been used in all types. I think that using make-up spray helps relieve inflammatory acne and healthy pshe skin to maintain a stable state. I recommend Ortil bug spray, and skincare spring white big spray (oil pimple muscle can also try skin spring blue bottle spray).

and have been using Drake white sandalwood water, which must be used with a series of milk, the function of white sandalwood water milk is to replenish water, repair, slightly moisturize, primary anti-aging.

in addition, I must use face cream in the morning and evening. I usually use lamer classic cream at night (needless to say about the role of repairing skin), Daike white sandalwood whitening repair night cream (this is whitening + repair, but not moist enough in winter), and only Autili's day cream during the day. Face cream I recommend that you buy the cream of the Lifuquan anti-acne series.

[usage]: the usage of face cream. I don't need to say more. Let's just talk about our immortal spray method. The spray method consumes a lot of sprays very much. Probably the method is to spray on your face after cleansing, take a pat, stop, and spray again after the spray is absorbed (evaporated). I can spray in this way while playing with my cell phone for about 20 to 30 minutes. The 300ml spray runs out in less than a week and consumes about 1.5L of spray per month. My feeling from using the spray method for a long time is that this method is great at maintaining skin stability as long as I don't die. Later, when I looked at the Weibo of dermatologists, I found that the reason why this method could maintain skin stability was that it had a good soothing effect on some inflammatory reactions, similar to the wet compress in dermatology...

[4], sunscreen is in place.

use acid products, then be sure to do sunscreen.

[product]: CPB or Dyke's sunscreen is colorless and transparent. It can be washed with facial cleansing. I use it all year round.

[usage]: I use a pat on the sunscreen instead of rubbing.

[4], different groups of people can be matched according to their own needs of the skincare process summary.

according to a summary of acne skin care derived above:

1, if you are accustomed to using base essence: cleansing-spray-base essence-anti-acne essence-toner-repair, moisturizing cream.

2, if your skin is particularly prone to oil: cleansing-spray Dafa-anti-acne essence of skin spring-refreshing water-repair, moisturizing lotion.

3. If you want to try neostrata's fruit acid gel AHA15: cleanser-local application of fruit acid gel-spray Dafa-Liquan anti-acne essence-toner-repair, moisturizing cream.

the above skincare process is for reference only. According to your skin quality and accustomed skincare products, you can use regular skincare products as the premise, take skin health as the basis, and take "cleaning, moisturizing, repairing, using mild acid products, sunscreen" as the criterion to flexibly adjust routine, to find the most suitable process for you, facing the sea and blooming in spring.

[5], it is best to take a look at the acne classification and other common sense.

the classification of acne in western medicine:

[1], mild acne is generally dominated by acne, in which closed acne, commonly known as closed acne, is generally white-headed acne. Blackhead acne is open-ended acne.

[2], moderate acne, mainly papules, and acne. Pimples are red, inflamed acne that tends to be inflamed.

[3], severe acne pustules mixed with papules and acne can be regarded as moderate acne, but in my opinion, as long as pustules, cysts, nodules, are considered more serious acne, of which nodular acne is the most difficult to treat. Some people have all kinds of acne on their faces. Once again, this article is of no help to you. Please go to the hospital. Thank you for your cooperation.

come with a picture that is not too heavy.

the classification of acne in traditional Chinese medicine:

[1], wind-heat type of lung meridian, mainly whitehead acne, blackhead acne, and papules, facial skin is relatively easy to produce oil, more accompanied by pharyngitis symptoms, dry mouth, and pharynx. The body is prone to folliculitis (that is, the body is also easy to grows acne).

[2], gastrointestinal damp-heat type, mainly papules, blackheads, pustules, cysts, is the kind of inflammation, redness, pain, acne, facial skin is very easy to produce oil, the face to stomach meridian growth of acne in the majority, the body is also easy to open folliculitis, there may be symptoms of halitosis, tongue coating yellow, thick, greasy.

[3], liver depression and qi stagnation type, mainly papules, pustules, nodules, acne is easy to pain, this kind of people are easy to grow color spots (some people grow chloasma), the mood is more irritable, daily stress is greater, or it is easy to pretend things in mind. It is likely to be accompanied by breast hyperplasia, fibroma, irregular menstruation, insomnia, and so on.

there are more than three types of acne in traditional Chinese medicine, but when I was thinking about it before, I only thought about these three categories. The other types didn't seem to have much to do with me, so I only wrote about these three categories that I remember. There are also people with acne, which in traditional Chinese medicine may be caused by blood heat, spleen deficiency, heavy dampness, irregular Chong and Ren, phlegm and dampness, and so on. I will not repeat them here one by one. Anyway, if you want to see traditional Chinese medicine, you must find a reliable expert in traditional Chinese medicine, and you need patient treatment. Internal medicine, gynecology, endocrinology, and dermatology should all be available in the top three Chinese medicine hospitals.

cosmetic products Science Popularization:

the so-called medical makeup, that is, "medical skin care products", strictly speaking, products that meet the definition of medical skincare products, the conditions that need to be met are: do not contain spices or preservatives (or contain preservatives that are not easily sensitized); surfactants should be less irritating to the skin; clinical examination should be carried out before listing. It is not said that skincare products that contain drugs are called medical skincare products.

at present, the cosmetic brands I know and can be bought in China are DQ, Yayang, Lifuquan, Weizi, Yuze, Staf, Biedma. (welcome to add)

Autori is sold in pharmacies in France, but by definition, it is not a strict sense of medical skincare products, but Otili also has many products that are very friendly to oilpox skin. In particular, a bug spray (non-queen water) sprinkler is the best in the industry, you can choose.

about the three experts mentioned in this article, let's do a little popular science for you:

Professor Zhu Xuejun, from the First Hospital of Peking University, has been answering questions for patients free of charge on Weibo for a long time, focusing on all kinds of complicated dermatology, with more heavy-taste pictures.

Dr. Li Yuanhong focuses on the department of skin cosmetology. He has a personal Weibo and personal official account, which are full of practical information. Weibo has a lot of recommendations for dermatology and medical skincare products. You can go and have a look. We will also send medical beauty ads, we choose carefully.

Professor Chen Tongyun is a famous national doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. He was born into a family of traditional Chinese medicine. His father, Chen Shuren, and his father-in-law Ha Rui Chuan were the brothers of Professor Zhao Bingnan. Professor Chen Tongyun himself also studied under Ha Ruichuan and Zhao Bingnan. The level of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of acne, chloasma, and other dermatological disorders is very high, needless to say, but I don't know if she is still making house calls.

this article does not recommend any online beauty talent, although however, many people in the sedimentation industry have been professional enough to study acid products thoroughly for many years, some people use "strong medicine" more frequently, and they are often mentioned on Weibo. It will give some fans who do not like to use their brains to create the illusion that brushing acid is extremely good for their skin. Brushing acid is good, the risk is relatively high, and there are a lot of points for attention. If you don't have the patience to think about it carefully, and if you don't have the patience to study the popular science that people write carefully, it's best not to touch it. Mild acid products and acne products are enough.

yesterday afternoon suddenly dug such a hole, actually finished, there are thousands of words. The words are a little messy and there is a lot of nonsense. I hope all of you who are in need can find useful information in the vast sea of nonsense. It would be a great honor if I could bring a little help to your lives.