Some experience in dealing with dysmenorrhea

Some experience in dealing with dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is not a disease, pain is real!

I am the one who dies of pain every time I come to my period. More than a decade, more than 100 menstruation, not one without pain, and pain are two or three days, do not take painkillers simply can not, I believe that there must be many girls like me or more serious. When I was relatively young, I didn't pay much attention to this. I held the mood that he would bite his teeth for three days every month, didn't pay more attention to recuperating his body, and even didn't care much about what he shouldn't eat. He would skip class even if it hurt too much. Every time I take an exam, I am always in a hurry, and I am very worried that the important exam will fall during the physiological period. Now that I go to work, sometimes I really can't skip work when I have something important, and I don't have the mood to rest when I have important work to do, so I begin to pay attention to recuperate my body and minimize the pain as much as possible. In recent months, I feel that dysmenorrhea is much less than before, at least it won't hurt to death. The most recent period was the first time I didn't take painkillers (but this time I stayed at home comfortably and didn't go to work). Anyway, take advantage of this time to write a summary of my treatment of dysmenorrhea, which is very effective for me to share with you.

1. Ginger tea

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I think a large part of the effort to relieve dysmenorrhea comes from ginger tea. I hated ginger since I was a child. It wasn't until my assistant aunt made me drink ginger tea when I almost died of dysmenorrhea in the office that I began to get into the habit of drinking ginger tea. At present, I think the most palatable tea is Twinings's lemon ginger tea, which has a strong ginger flavor and is easier to taste with lemon. But remember to buy this single package, New Zealand Twinings is not this single package, although the price is nearly half cheaper, all lemon sour taste almost no ginger also has little effect on dysmenorrhea. Twinings I usually close to the menstrual week before the week will start to drink every day, menstruation when one or two packs a day, I think it is quite effective. When my aunt is in severe pain, I replace it with Daribell, which is a ginger brewing agent made in Indonesia, which can't compare with Twinings, that is, the taste of ginger tea is very old, but it is much heavier than Twinings. It has a hot throat, but it is very effective. If this brand is not available in China, I think any other ginger tea is fine, or even it should be effective to make ginger tea directly from fresh ginger at home.

when it comes to brown sugar water, I don't think brown sugar waterworks for me at all. It hurts when I eat too much sugar during menstruation, so I hardly touch too much sugar and starch on my diet.

2. Diet and rest during dysmenorrhea

the foods you never touch during dysmenorrhea are milk, caffeine (including green tea), too much meat, starch, and sweets. Starch and sweets are the last two things to be added. In the past, I would eat chocolate and eat normally every time I had dysmenorrhea, but I found that it would be more painful after eating. So now, as long as the situation permits, we will make light vegetable soup during menstruation, eat only this three meals a day, do not eat any staple food, and drink soup when hungry, which can not only warm the stomach but also ensure that dehydration will not occur (dehydration will make dysmenorrhea more painful). This vegetable soup is similar to the witch diet soup circulated on the Internet before, but I don't want to lose weight, so I change the dishes I don't like in the witch soup into my favorite vegetables. practice is probably: 2 apples, 2 carrots, 2 tomatoes, 10-15 knife beans, 5-8 small corn, half Chinese cabbage, cut into small pieces, one by one into the water, cook until the ingredients become soft. The bottom of such a large pot of soup can be kept in the refrigerator for a while (because there is no fat). When eating, heat the ingredients in a small pot, add salt, and finally add a few slices of pork belly in a hot pot, about 3 to 4 slices in a large bowl of soup, or increase the amount of minced meat by about half a ping-pong ball. I think the essential materials are apples, tomatoes, and Chinese cabbage. Especially apples, the cooking soup will be a bit like a wax gourd, but with a little bit of apple sweetness. However, it is best to use crispy apples. Apples that are rustled will be boiled. Eating in this way can ensure nutritional balance, but it will not consume too much sugar and processed starch, and I think it is good if it tastes good. The key is that it is very convenient to do it. You can eat 4-5 meals at a time.

in addition, if I am still hungry after the soup, I will eat almonds (or any nuts) and dried fruits (dried plums, dried cherries, etc.) without paying special attention to the weight. Because I want to eat when I get my period, I try to make sure that there are healthier things in front of me during this period, such as vegetable soup or healthy snacks. Try not to buy potato chips or cookies, so you won't eat more. In addition, during my period, I felt that sleep was too important and could relieve dysmenorrhea. Generally speaking, if it is the weekend, I will spend most of my time making up for sleep. The more I sleep, the faster I can get rid of dysmenorrhea. And I found that when I came to my period, Rest could sleep at night even during the day. So we try not to stay up late. If you have more Rest during your period, your aunt will be more energetic when she leaves.

3. If you eat at other times

, it will be mentioned in detail in the Diet and Exercise Diary later, but I think the two most important ingredients to relieve menstrual pain are spinach and salmon. According to a doctor friend, eating raw spinach salad is very good for dysmenorrhea, so now I eat spinach salad at least once a week. Of course, it's better not to eat this cold food during menstruation. In addition, I also eat fried spinach at home. For salmon, it is best to buy parts with more oil, such as salmon bones, so that there are more omega-3 fatty acids. My home is usually frying a little with olive oil in a pan and eating it with lemon. Since I began to seriously want to recuperate my body, I began to eat less cold food. Now think about it, I haven't eaten ice cream for months, and cold drinks can only be drunk in small sips, only at a time. About half a listen; make tea and so on. Sometimes colleagues will drink something like a treat, but they all drink about half a cup. Not eating cold drinks is not easy in tropical countries where it is summer all year round, but I don't think it's so difficult to get used to it (maybe it's really old and has strong self-control). In short, I hope this sharing will be helpful to girls with dysmenorrhea, and you are welcome to leave messages and share your ways to deal with dysmenorrhea! & nbsp;  & nbsp;