The correct way to open your teeth

The correct way to open your teeth

Take the little thing of brushing your teeth seriously and take care of yourself a little more from now on.

there are many things in our lives that seem so simple that you can do well without using your brain, just like your right hand swings naturally when you step out your left foot. Because it is simple, it is impossible to do something wrong. If someone tells you, "you are walking in the wrong way!" Or "Why are you doing this, Rest?" Most people will feel angry. How can I suddenly be wrong when I have been doing something in this way for decades? However, from a scientific point of view, the length of time spent on a thing is not directly related to its right or wrong. The ancients only said that "practice makes perfect", not "practice makes perfect". Even if you do things often, you may make mistakes. Today, I will talk to you about the little thing of brushing teeth and take a look at the mystery hidden in this simple daily action.

[1] Breakfast first? Brush your teeth first?

many people have the habit of having breakfast before brushing their teeth, because they can clean their teeth immediately after eating, so as to avoid secondary oral pollution caused by breakfast. In addition, during the night sleep, the human body does not eat, so the mouth itself is very clean, and you do not need to brush your teeth again after waking up. This sounds reasonable. I can't help but want to like myself. But in fact, the flora in the mouth is complex, and even if you don't eat overnight, the pH in the mouth is changing. brushing your teeth before eating can not only effectively neutralize the acidic environment in the mouth and reduce the corrosion of teeth, but also has a certain awakening function. If you are worried that breakfast will contaminate your mouth, just gargle with salt water or water after eating. When you need to pay attention, eating immediately after brushing your teeth may have a certain impact on the taste of the food (especially for children. Parents can ask children to brush their teeth in advance and wait 5 to 10 minutes before breakfast. )

[2] once? Twice? Three times? More times?

I ask this question because I've really had friends who brushed their teeth different times in my life, and everyone firmly believes, "Don't you just brush your teeth one /two /three /N times a day?" Most dentists in North America recommend brushing their teeth two to three times a day (special dental conditions are discussed separately). Specifically, it is once every morning and evening, and can be added once after lunch. If you brush your teeth only once a day, the colonies in the mouth will grow for too long, which will cause persistent damage to the teeth and produce breath easily at the same time. Brushing your teeth too often (such as brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, and after each meal) will wear away the enamel on the surface of the teeth, which can lead to tooth sensitivity in the long run. I personally keep the habit of brushing my teeth three times a day. I keep a toothbrush at work and brush my teeth immediately after lunch.

[3] listen to a song!

A roommate in college who brushed his teeth only lasted about 10 to 20 seconds at a time. His view was that time was precious and could not be wasted on trivial things like brushing teeth. We won't discuss high achiever's worldview for the time being, but the time of brushing your teeth for 10 to 20 seconds has no effect on cleaning your mouth at all. Dentists usually recommend brushing your teeth for up to two minutes at a time, which you may think sounds crazy, but if you seriously brush each tooth, it takes so long. What is the concept of two minutes? It is about the duration of a relatively short song, or half the length of an ordinary pop song. In order to ensure enough time to brush my teeth, I will turn on the music player when I brush my teeth, pick a random song and brush it until I finish listening to it. This is about three to five minutes. Another very simple test is: when you brush your teeth, if there are lumps of toothpaste or no pigments in the Bubble you spit out, it is obviously that the brush time is too short.

[4] toothbrush or mouthwash?

for many people, brushing teeth is simply no fun. The sooner the less, the better. For these people, mouthwash has become a world-saving blessing. Mouthwash is contained in your mouth, spit it out 30 seconds later, and a worry is solved. But the pursuit of convenience always has to pay a price elsewhere. The environment of the flora in our oral cavity is complex, but it is balanced as a whole. The use of mouthwash will kill a large number of bacteria in the mouth, thus destroying the balance of oral colonies. In addition, mouthwash can also stimulate oral ulcers, and long-term use of mouthwash may lead to deeper halitosis. Mouthwash containing alcohol has also been suggested to be associated with oral cancer. This is not to say that mouthwash is a disaster product, just like pickled food, as long as it is used under control, it is not that harmful. Although I can't use it frequently as a substitute for a toothbrush, I always use mouthwash to clean my mouth again before attending important events, which is like spraying some perfume into your mouth.

[5] do you want to brush your tongue coating?

the opposition put forward the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and the observation and diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine can observe the appearance of the tongue. Washing the tongue coating will wash off the natural texture on the tongue coating and lose the important basis for physical examination. On the other hand, vigorously brushing the tongue coating will damage the tongue nipple and lead to the loss of taste. Dentists who do not believe in traditional Chinese medicine are usually in favor of cleaning the tongue coating when brushing their teeth. Because there are more bacteria on the uneven tongue than on the teeth. Regular cleaning of tongue coating is a very important step to keep your mouth clean. It's like it's hard to imagine a person who takes a bath every day, but the body of a person who never washes his feet when taking a bath will be clean as a whole. You need a toothbrush with soft bristles. Gently scrub the surface of your tongue when brushing your teeth, not too deep, so that you won't feel uncomfortable. Remember, you brush your tongue, not the toilet, soPlease be gentle, then gentle. As for the natural texture on the tongue coating, the scientific nature of inspection will not be discussed at first. I don't know how often you go to see traditional Chinese medicine, and this doctor happens to have to examine your tongue.

[6] Up and download!

many people like to brush their teeth horizontally. This is a bad habit that everyone has been reminded of since childhood, but it is still difficult to correct it. Horizontal brushing not only reduces the cleaning ability compared with vertical brushing, but also may leave ugly horizontal lines on the surface of the teeth. The only good thing about this is that you can brush faster and end the boring thing of brushing your teeth early. But other than that, it's extremely bad for your teeth.

[7] the shelf life is three months!

Please don't be too nostalgic and sentimental about toothbrushes. The service life of toothbrushes is about three months, which means you need a calendar or reminder mechanism to tell yourself to change toothbrushes regularly. There are some friends around (mostly men), toothbrushes have to use natural rolls before they are willing to give up. Brushing your teeth with such a toothbrush is no different from rubbing it in your mouth with your fingers. Except for some comfort to the soul, it does not have any cleaning effect at all. The bristles of every toothbrush in service should be straight and clean. I change my toothbrushes, towels, razors and other cleaning products on the first day of January, April, July and October every year. Economy is a virtue, but please don't be too stingy.

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[8] small to big, soft to overcome tough!

Please try to choose a toothbrush with small soft hair, which will make it easier to clean to areas in your mouth that are difficult to clean and greatly improve your gum bleeding. Personally, I like to use soft-haired toothbrushes made in Korea very much, which are very comfortable and have no irritation to the gums. There is no link here, a lot can be found on a treasure, but please don't be cheap, because you will definitely buy fake goods. What's that? Is the soft-haired toothbrush easy to damage? Remember, don't use it to brush the toilet and limit the life cycle to three months.

[9] turn off the faucet!

if you brush your teeth for two minutes without turning off the tap, you will waste about 10 liters of clean water. In many parts of the world, this water is about the quota of one person for a month. For the sake of others and the earth on which you live, please turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.


the little things in life seem simple and small, but they are the cornerstone of life's progress and fulfillment. Take the little thing of brushing your teeth seriously and take care of yourself a little more from now on. Protect your mouth, enjoy more food, and show more smiles.