What makes you a special person?

What makes you a special person?

A coke can that wants your face.

do you have a hobby of your own?

is an interesting thing to say.

many of the friends I know have their own unique hobbies.

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this is like a little freckle, which has become everyone's unique charm and characteristic.

some people like to collect stamps and coins from the zodiac;

some people like to collect postcards from different cities;

some people like to collect cigarette cases with different flavors;

some people like to collect canned Pepsi;

some people like to take a picture and save it every place they go;

some people keep their air tickets and train tickets for each trip.

I have three hobbies at the same time, the second, the fourth and the sixth.

does the unique fetish make you a special person?

the answer is yes, and

people with no characteristics are too boring.

when I usually look at people, I will probably get a general idea of whether this is a "fellow traveler" according to the individual items on him.

what a person uses and likes must represent his aesthetic appreciation and connotation.

Yes, the connotation can also be seen from the individual item.

even a person's character can be seen in his favorite objects.

such as a tattoo on your body, earrings on your ears, the beverage jar you drink, and the packaging of the jar, you can get a lot of information.

Last Friday, I went to a party, probably a social event held by many media. You can tell from the taste vision that a person represents the tonality of his official account.

A person who is not confident is easy to show timidity, as can be seen from his items, just like people.

it is probably that a person's things are related to a person's temperament. People who like interesting objects exude a desire to attract people to want to have the same things as him. If you are just right, having a unique fetish will become a topic of conversation and a sign that others can identify you well.

I know a barista who wears different hats all the year round,

A female owner of e-music who opens a shop with different emoji emoticons every day,

a photographer who smokes with a pipe,

and a fashion designer whose house is covered with treasured posters.

their hobbies make them unique people.